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The Traces of Time by Art4you Gallery

  • Artwork - Season by Rishu Gosain Roy
  • Artwork by Poland Artist Aleksandra.
  • Winter by Artist Kumar Chadayamangalam

The Traces of Time by Art4you Gallery

Venue: Studio Seven Gallery Dubai
Phone: 0509398211
Website: www.art4yougallery.com
Address: #803 Oxford Tower Business Bay, Dubai Dubai


Is art an object or a process? Is it “material” or “trace”? Shifts in art practice over the past years, particularly in art scenes in UAE have profoundly challenged Enlightenment to modern conceptions of the work of art,defined as an object, more or less static in meaning and value over time.

The material ''Traces' presents work by artists from Poland, Srilanka, Pakistan, Iran and India, which draws performative inter medial practices from different years of creation to foreground the process and materiality of making, whether in wood, paint, clay, installation, or other media. In this way the work in The Traces of Time, stresses the inter relational bonds between art makers and viewers.

The emphasis in the exhibition is on works that foreground aspects of making, activating aspects of temporarily, in order to connect in conceptual and material ways to viewers in Time.

The exhibition "The Traces of Time focuses on contemporary artistic strategies dedicated to exploring and questioning visual culture. Their emphasis is on the construction of visual aspects in art, as well as in everyday objects. The featured works show that rather than merely establishing facts, documentation is now characterized by an open-mindedness that focuses on the construction of perception and time.

The Opening reception took place at Studio Seven Gallery on Feb 13th 2020.
The Exclusive 10 Artist Exhibition was curated by -Jesno Jackson and Organised by Art4you Gallery and Studio Seven, Dubai.

The artists who joined hands with ART4You gallery to bestow a mesmerizing evening upon the art fraternity are Chitra Sudhakaran, Rishu Gosain Roy, Aleksandra Ogorkiewiccz, Amrita Bhatia,Hafsa Rasool, Kumar Chadayamangalam, Rooma Eejaz, Tayseer Kawaf, RuchiShakrani and Nadeem Yaqoob.

Come witness the beauty of paintings, sculptures and installations!!! The Exhibition will run till Feb 24th 2020.

Timing 10am to 6pm.