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Why Dubai Aesthetics Clinics Should Offer Aptos Lift Threading

Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

Why Dubai Aesthetics Clinics Should Offer Aptos Lift Threading

As people age, the jawline loses contour, deep creases form between the mouth and nose, and folds or loose skin appear around the neck. With a sagging face, a person can look tired, sad, and less pleasant. Thanks to skin rejuvenation methods, no one would need to suffer the undesirable effects of skin aging.

Skin rejuvenation involves treating skin sagging and ptosis. But one skin and body treatment is gaining hype today, prompting cosmetologists and dermatologists to include it in their offered services. That is skin tightening and lifting with Aptos threads, a non-invasive option to deal with skin laxity.

How Aptos thread lifting works
Aptos threads are specially designed barbs that can provide support to sagging skin. They dissolve naturally, stimulating the body to produce more collagen.
Areas that Aptos threads treat include:
●    Jawline
●    Mid-face and cheeks
●    Eyebrows
●    Neck
●    Hands and arms
●    Inner thighs
●    Knees
●    Abdomen

The lifting effects become noticeable right after the procedure, but visible skin renewal happens after a few months.

Aptos threads options
Aptos threads are available in different lengths and species, well-adapted to the different anatomical facial features and needs. The threads have micro barbs or hooks to keep them secured in the treatment site, preventing movement and relocation in soft tissues.
Aptos visage excellence
The Aptos visage excellence is used for the fixation of subdermal tissues of the neck and face. They are equipped with barbs that are specially arranged for armoring and lifting.

Aptos visage with hyaluronic acid
Aptos visage threads with hyaluronic acid are used for simultaneous rejuvenation and lifting. They come with blunt end cannulas and hooks to ensure simple application and minimal injury.
Hyaluronic acid promotes instant skin hydration, faster healing, and fewer discomforts after treatment.
Aptos light lift – thread method
Aptos light lift – thread method are threads with barbs fixed from both sides of the needles. Once inserted into the required depth, the needle is separated into two parts, with each passing through hypodermic issues in the needed direction.

The best thing about the thread method is that skin incision is not required at all. It is safe, easy, and offers long-lasting results.
Choosing the appropriate method for your patients should be performed during their medical consultation. You can also make an initial opinion based on their submitted photos.

Take note as well that the outcome of thread lifting depends on several factors, including:
●    Correct understanding of the thread lifting concept
●    Proper knowledge of human anatomy and the pathogenesis of ptosis and aging
●    Correct identification of indications
●    Consideration of muscle kinetics

Aptos threads deliver excellent results in people with loss of skin firmness and weakening facial structures. So if you want to attract more clients and increase your income, offer Aptos thread lifting now. Most importantly, equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tips to perform this skin rejuvenation method and partner with a trusted SRS skin care products distributor.