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Top three things to try in your visit to Dubai

Top three things to try in your visit to Dubai

Dhow cruise

When people are looking for a destination to have an exciting holiday, Dubai is one of the most preferred cities. Dubai has anything and everything from skyscrapers, adventure parks, and classy restaurants to serene beaches. The city is known for its luxurious lifestyle and nighttime fun. If you want to choose the top things to do in Dubai, you are absolutely spoilt for choice.

Those who are on a short holiday are definitely going to miss something. However, there are three activities that you should definitely try in Dubai. Have a look at them:

 Desert safari

1.       Desert safari

Whenever you think of Dubai, this natural landscape will definitely come to your mind. The uncountable golden dunes lure the tourists around the globe. The fascinating city of Dubai has sprout up from the emptiness of the  desert. The most thrilling way to explore the desert is a desert safari. It is a fun trip to the sands which involves adventure, entertainment and food. You can try the thrilling adventures like dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding and quad biking.

After the adventures, head to the traditional Bedouin camps where entertainment programs await. Smoke a hubble-bubble shisha and women can get their hands painted with henna tattoos. As you relax in the camps, the performers will start Tanoura dance, Belly dance and fire show. On the top, a barbecue dinner buffet with Continental and traditional Arabic dishes are served for the guests. Make sure that you go for a desert safari during your trip to Dubai.

Yacht trip

2.       Yacht trip

The luxurious life in Dubai is something which seduces many tourists to visit here. If you stroll through Dubai Marina, you will see a fleet of opulent yachts docked on the shore. Get into a yacht and have a glimpse of the iconic landmarks in Dubai from a unique perspective. The yacht will take you through Marina, the man-made archipelago called Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world.

The best thing about a journey in the yachts is that you decide everything including the cruising destination, the duration and entertainment. You can order a gourmet meal or cook an easy meal from the kitchen. It is also a great idea to try fishing, swimming and snorkeling in the Arabian Gulf. Hire a yacht to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is also a relaxing and refreshing experience as the water will wash away all your stress.

Dhow cruise

3.       Dhow cruise

This is the traditional way to go sightseeing in Dubai. Dhows are wooden boats which were used for trade in the past. Nowadays, they are leisure boats that take tourists across Marina. As you sail on a Dhow, you will see Marina, enjoy the entertainment shows and also taste a delicious dinner buffet. Enjoy a 5-star dinner while watching a live Tanoura dance. The 2-hour cruise is a must-try activity in Dubai.