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Tips for Booking Hotels in the UAE

Tips for Booking Hotels in the UAE

Tips for Booking Hotels in the UAE

The UAE is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as it offers plenty of
unique sights that will surely bring happiness to both tourists and locals. However, before you actually
go to the UAE, you would first need to plan the plane tickets you will buy to fly to the country, as
well as the room you will be staying in while you are in the area.

Booking a hotel room in the UAE can sometimes be difficult, especially during the months when
more tourists would visit the country. To help you have a much easier and more convenient time
booking a room, here are some tips for booking hotels in the UAE.

Use a Booking Website

One of the swiftest ways to get hotel rooms in the UAE is by using a booking website, which will
show you which hotels are available for booking, as well as the rooms that are vacant in those hotels.
In addition to hotels, booking websites would also allow you to book in lounges, hostels, and even
apartments. So, no matter which price point you prefer, a booking website will have all that you need
when looking for the most suitable rooms for you or your travel buddies.

Look for Discounts

If you have a relatively small budget for vacationing in the UAE, then you may need to save a little bit
more money for hotel accommodations. So, in order to get cheap hotel rooms, you may need to look
for discounts. Some hotels would offer discounted rooms for tourists, although the discounts are rare
and they are often offered only during the months when the number of tourists is low in the country.

But, besides hotels, booking websites would also provide coupon codes that will give you a
significant amount of discount for a room. As such, it is always important to look for coupon codes
before you book a room. Most booking websites would usually have a page dedicated to the coupon
codes they provide to users, but sometimes you may need to use a coupon website to find hidden
vouchers or codes. If you are going to book a hotel room at booking.com, make sure that you use a
booking.com promo code UAE to get a discount.

Book in Business Hotels

For those that are planning to book hotel rooms during the summer season, it would be best to book in
business hotels, as they offer bigger discounts in the said season compared to other types of hotels.
The reason why business hotels provide discounts is that businesses and corporate bookings are rare
during the summer, so they would often provide vouchers or coupons just to fill up rooms, even if
they are accommodating tourists and not business people.

Check for Canceled Reservations

Another great way to save money for hotel rooms is to check for canceled reservations. There are
particular instances where tourists would cancel reservations because their flight was canceled or they
didn’t want to push through with the trip. And, to fill up those canceled rooms, most hotels would
usually offer the rooms at a much lower price. So, check booking websites for those canceled

reservations, or you can contact your preferred hotel in the UAE to check if there are discounted
rooms available for you to book on the days you will visit the country.

Books in Days Where Room Rates are Low

The room rates for most hotels in the UAE would often change depending on the season or the month,
so it would be great if you could book on days where room rates are low in order to save money for
accommodations. You can use a booking website or app so that you can be alerted when the rates of a
particular hotel dip down so that you can immediately book a room before anybody else does.

Talk to the Hotel Directly to Negotiate Upgrades

If you don’t want to use a booking website, you can contact your preferred hotel directly so that you
can negotiate for upgrades, which would often be free of charge if you know what to say to the person
you are talking to. The trick to getting free upgrades for your room is to mention that you are going to
the country to celebrate a special occasion, but sometimes, it won’t work. In addition, just being nice
to the person you are talking to would also lead you to get free upgrades, so being kind to people will
be rewarding.

Book a Room with Free Cancelation

There are sometimes situations where your trips won’t be able to push through, and for those
situations, it is always good if you book a hotel room that offers free cancellation, which means that
you won’t pay a penalty fee for canceling the booking. This free cancellation feature can also be great
to use if you find other hotels and rooms that are much cheaper and can offer free upgrades, as you
can simply cancel your previous booking so that you won’t have to pay for two rooms. You can easily
find free cancellation rooms at booking websites or by contacting your hotel of choice directly.

Utilize a Hotel Comparison Website

If you are not sure what hotels give the best prices for rooms in the UAE, then we recommend that
you utilize a hotel comparison website, which will provide you with a table that shows the average
prices and rates for the rooms in some hotels in the UAE, as well as reviews about the hotels so that
you can see which ones are considered as the best by tourists and locals. A hotel comparison website
can easily be accessed using your computer’s web browser, or you can download a mobile app to
make it more convenient to look for comparisons.

We hope that the simple tips we have provided above will help you in making hotel bookings more
convenient. Follow the tips so that you can save money and stick to your budget.