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Timeless Gold Necklace Designs that Deserve a Place in your Heirloom Collection


Timeless Gold Necklace Designs that Deserve a Place in your Heirloom Collection

Heritage jewellery is more than a precious indulgence. Beyond the design, artistry, and the monetary value that makes them special is  within . Passed down from mothers, aunts, and grandmothers; heirlooms are storytellers that hold within them the brilliant journeys of all the women who once adorned them.   

The Charm of Heritage Jewellery

Heirloom gold necklace designs are a great way to keep the family history alive, and if you are planning to build a collection that you can pass down to the generations to come, we have picked out some excellent gold necklace designs for you. 


Fine Rawa Work Necklace


The intricate karigari, fine Rawa work and Veni-inspired designs give this necklace a regal look, while dangling motifs exude a delicate beauty elevated by the bright glisten of gold. 

The Rawa work from this necklace is the intricate art of granulating gold and is a technique that has been a part of Indian jewellery-making for generations. It uses tiny granules of gold arranged and soldered together to form gorgeous gold necklace designs that deserve a place in everyone’s heirloom jewellery collection. 

Traditional Temple Jewellery  


Every Indian woman deserves at least one gold necklace design inspired by the rich history and culture of home. Temple jewellery-inspired gold necklace designs are some of the oldest jewellery styles. Temple jewellery is among the most artistic of all jewellery styles, and is a part of the cultural history of India’s southern states. These simple-yet-artistic pieces of work are fashioned from gold and embossed with imagery of gods and goddesses from temples in south India. 

The Floral  Necklace  


Flower motifs and gold jewellery are a divine combination, literally. While  queens of the past did the same with their jewels to mirror the goddesses, this motif has been passed down the ages to give the modern woman a picture perfect reflection of her rich Indian heritage

This gorgeous necklace features one such flower design that hangs from the top of a three-strand chain. Each bead has mirroring minute paisleys. 

With an antique finish to further capture the timelessness of an heirloom piece, this necklace will capture the many stories through generations.

The Traditional Lakshmi Kasu Mala  


The traditional Kasu Malai gold necklace design is a must-have for every South Indian bride. It is believed that wearing the goddess Lakshmi Kasumala on the wedding day will bring prosperity and success to the new bride and is regarded as highly auspicious. The traditional Kasumala features several gold coins with an imprint of the goddess Lakshmi, strung together in an overlapping manner. Most South Indian households will have 1 Kasu Malai for truly special occasions, for they echo tradition and is a gold necklace design that is unlike any other. 

Layered Gold Necklace  


Springtime flower garlands are a symbol of peace and purity. They decorate homes and worn by women to add an earthen calm to their attire. 

This intricate 22 Karat yellow gold necklace has three strands of 6-petal flowers dangling from blocks linked by a double chain. The triple string of small flowers is linked by delicate rings, a looping gold chain that connects the traditionally designed trapezoid blocks at each end. The piece is perfect in every way, and will be for years to come. 

Passing down heirloom jewellery is an important part of Indian culture. Receiving such pieces gives us the opportunity to feel a part of something bigger than us and connect with the generations we may not have had a chance to meet. As a brand that captures Indian traditions in its designs, Tanishq has a range of heirloom-worthy gold jewellery designs for you to explore. 

So, if you are trying to build your own heirloom jewellery collection, head  to their store and explore designs that are the perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional.