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Relaxing Things to do in Dubai

Relaxing Things to do in Dubai

Relaxing Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a land of wonders and beauty. It is considered one of the top tourist attractions because of its fascinating charm. People continue visiting this city throughout the year and explore its unwinding beauty. Most of them plan a trip with friends or family to take rid of their tiring and boring routine work. Dubai offers you so many fantastic and incredible things to do when you are on your vacations or a family trip which also makes you feel relaxed.

Dubai has a lot more for your excitement and enjoyment. From beautiful beaches to super rooftop bars, stunning world-class night club to wonderful desert escapes, the city of gold never disappoints you. You can spend your days reclining along Jumeirah Beach and shredding powder at Ski Dubai. You can also start your morning with haggling at the traditional Gold and Spice Souks of Dubai. This city knows new and fantastic things which relax your mind and make you fresh too.

Some of the most relaxing activities that you can do in Dubai are mentioned here. Furthermore, don’t forget to contact any professional Rent a car Dubai company to book a car for your trip.

1- Marvel at the Skyline at Dubai Creek Harbour

The Dubai Creek Harbour is one of the new districts in the city of gold. This is the new tallest tower in the town that emits a beacon of light from its peak at night. The estimated height of this tower is 828 meters (competent to Burj Khalifa) and it will be an oval-shaped bud from its top. It gives you a truly unique view of the skyline. The terrace of Dubai Creek Harbour sets a frame for picture-taking lovers by perfect fiery sunsets and channels of water that turn to glass at night.

2- Ski Dubai

Surreal is one of the best ways to describe Ski Dubai. Even when the city is heating with high raised temperatures, this massive indoor winter wonderland is never hot and offers you pleasant weather. The Ski Dubai boasts five ski runs, a chairlift, a freestyle snowboard zone, and a room as well for toboggan runs and snowball fights. It would be a thrilling activity for you if you did not ski ever or not do it often.

3- Jumeirah Public Beach

This public beach is the best place to visit especially during the hot months of May and June. Jumeirah Beach is a neat and clean public beach that is defined by the white sand. Sun-seekers come to this lively shoreline in the bright rays of Dubai. They are also attracted by the water sports and they take the advantage of calm and aquamarine waters of the Persian Gulf.

4- Bastakiya Quarter

It is the historic district of old Dubai. Bastakiya Quarter is the former fishing village that is named so because of numerous Bastak Iranian Traders that are settled and living here in the 19th century. This Quarter has popular outdoor cafes, different art galleries that have amazing work of local and international artists, and an Arabain Tea House. Those who are interested in the history and development of the city are being attracted by this place.

5- Dubai Museum

When sitting near the Bastakiya Quarter, the amazing museum of Dubai offers its visitors a glimpse of this monumental city. It truly defines to you what this city has been and where it is going. Because the museum is engaged with the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building of Dubai that was used by the monarch as a defense station in the previous ages. Its visit is recommended for the person who is in history or looking to beat the heat for an hour or two. But it is a must-see place if it is your first visit to Dubai.

6- Desert Picnic among the Dunes

It is one of the most amazing activities you can do in Dubai. Although it is a little bit off the beaten track it is highly recommended for you. A glamorous picnic between beautiful dunes will make your mind fresh and calm. You can escape to the desert along with your partner or friends to create your Carrie Bradshaw and friends' moment under the stunning and wonderful night of the desert. It would be a relaxing and stylish adventure for you to enjoy.

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Some of the best and most relaxing places are given above. These all are worth visiting as they are amazing and demanding, along with calming your mind and body. You can add these to your visiting list when you are going to visit Dubai.