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Pet Nutrition Guide: 3 Things to Look For in Quality Dog Food

Pet Nutrition Guide: 3 Things to Look For in Quality Dog Food

Pet Nutrition Guide: 3 Things to Look For in Quality Dog Food

Providing your pets with quality pet food is vital to keeping them healthy and happy. For dogs, a nutritionally balanced diet depends on six elements – fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, vitamins, and minerals.

Based on studies, nutrition will affect your canine’s central nervous system, thus directly affecting how it behaves. Proper nutrition is essential to a high-functioning, happy, and well-behaved dog enjoying plenty of quality years. Therefore, it’s crucial to find delicious and nutritious pet food in Dubai.

But what makes dog food nutritious?

Shopping for the best dog food means more than just heading to the grocery store. Look for something that contains all the essential nutrients your canine needs. Moreover, there are different diets your dog must follow depending on its lifestyle.

To help you with your search, here’s what you should look for in quality dog food.

1. Age-appropriate food

Your canine’s age is a huge determiner for its nutritional needs.

Today, there are nutrient profiles calculated for puppies, adults, senior dogs, and pets with varying physical activity levels, like pregnant and active dogs.

Scientifically formulated dog foods are also available for adequate supplementation or treatment of certain medical conditions, such as arthritis and obesity. These therapeutic diets can also support pets with sensitive stomachs and those with coat and skin problems.

2. Weight- and breed-specific food

Like age, your dog’s weight and breed are crucial considerations when shopping for the best dry dog food.

Monitor your dog’s weight every four weeks. If your pup’s inappropriately gaining significant weight, consider buying dog food for weight reduction. On the contrary, give it more food or look for another brand if he is losing weight until you find one that helps your canine achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

As for breed, large-breed dogs generally have different nutritional requirements than their small counterparts. For instance, diets for large breed dogs like labradors and golden retrievers are formulated to regulate the calcium and calorie intake necessary to lower the risk of developing conditions that involve disruption of the normal maturation of the cartilage to bone.

3. Foods made by trusted, reliable brands

When choosing a reliable dog food brand, longevity does not always equate to trustworthiness. Ideally, go for brands that perform studies and publish research to back up their claims. Also, consider brands that are recommended by reputable veterinarians.

One highly recommended brand to consider is Royal Canin. Actual feeding trials and research back the quality of their products. Extensive work has also been done to prove that Royal Canin dog food products yield excellent real-world results. 

Other pet food brands you should also consider since they have also performed actual research on their products, include Hill’s Science Diet, The Farmer’s Dog, and Purina.

Generally, the best food for your canine will depend on its individual needs, preferences and stage of development.

By keeping an eye on your dog’s weight, ensuring that you give it food that is age appropriate, and right for its target weight and breed, and made only by trusted reputable brands, your dog will have a long, happy, and healthy life.