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Newborns at home? Here's how you can use your AC without affecting them

Newborns at home? Here's how you can use your AC without affecting them

Newborns at home? Here's how you can use your AC without affecting them

Be a wise parent and choose what's best for your baby.

Everyone among us loves comfort. And when we say comfort, we mean the comfort of every sort and kind. The definition can range depending upon the type of comfort we are talking about. Here, we'll be talking about weather-related physical comfort. The need for that kind of comfort grows more when the weather is either too hot or too cold. In both cases, we lookout for ways and solutions to keep ourselves comfortable. It is still manageable for us adults but we must be very careful while choosing the same for our newborn babies.

We as parents would definitely want our newborns to be at ease and comfortable whenever it is hotter outside. But, we should always keep in mind their safety while opting for any option with the intent of making them comfortable. Almost everyone owns an air conditioner at home and that's one of the easiest and convenient ways of handling high temperatures. But we must be very cautious with using it when we have a newborn at home. Below given are some of the points that we should keep into consideration while using an AC. 

Right Temperature: Babies are delicate. You as parents will know more than anyone else. They can't be exposed to too much heat or too much cold. The reason is that they can't adapt to that. So the first and the foremost thing we should take care of is the temperature of the room. Always make sure that the temperature of the room is moderate i.e neither very hot nor very cold. A pediatrician suggests keeping the temperature range between 22 – 26°C. This temperature should always be kept whenever the baby is in the room.

Say 'No' to sudden temperature changes: Here's another thing you should be very careful about when it comes to the well-being of your newborn. Never take your baby out from a cold room to a hotter one suddenly and vice versa. This can prove very ugly for his/her health.  It is recommended to turn the AC off for sometime before you take your baby out, same goes with when you bring your baby from a hotter space to an air-conditioned room.

Humidity check: Like we know that many of the air conditioners are equipped with inbuilt dehumidifiers. Their task is to remove the moisture from the air. This is otherwise a good feature but when it comes to the health of the newborns, it might not be that good. Reason being the fact that it may reduce the baby's skin moisture. It is essential to keep a check on it at regular intervals. Nothing to worry about as we can fix this using a simple trick. Try placing a bowl of water somewhere in the room near the AC unit and you're good.

Right choice of dress: Unlike adults, newborns are too fragile to handle the extremely cold air falling directly on them. The reason for this is quite simple. The bodies of our newborns aren't yet fully developed. They are weak and fragile. Hence, we should always dress them in such a way that the cold air doesn't make them sick. We can also cover them in a thin blanket if needed but make sure to tuck it below the elbows so that the face isn't covered.

Well ventilated spaces: This is a golden rule and most of us must be already aware of it. A well-ventilated room enables your baby to breathe fresh and also take out the impure air. Make sure that you let the fresh air in at regular intervals. After all, the health of your baby matters the most.

 Keeping our AC units serviced and clean: Though this practice is something we should be doing throughout but it is a must do practice when we have a newborn at home. Thinking about the relation between the two? Well, let me explain it briefly. Your newborn is very sensitive to any kind of impurity and also the immune system isn't that strong that it can fight infections. When we keep our air conditioner units dirty, many toxic particles get collected there including the dust. These can be very harmful to our newborns. First the infection and then the weak immune system. So, in order to make sure that your baby doesn't fall sick, maintain your AC units from time to time.

Regular check on your babies: While any parent will try his best to make sure that the baby remains healthy, we still miss out on it sometimes. Hence it is highly recommended to keep a check on your baby. See if the baby is responding as usual or are there any changes in the behavior. Also, check if he/she is developing any irritating behavior or anything. If you notice any changes, rush to the doctor at the same moment. They can't express but it becomes our duty to remain vigilant till they reach the age where they can communicate with us easily.

The above discussed are some of the points that can help your baby stay healthy and strong. By following these tips you are making their present secure.. You can give the best start to your newborn by using the best Air conditioner so that he/she grows up with the best. Our children are our future. Let us teach them to be the best from the cradle itself.