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Maximising Your Balcony Space in Dubai

Maximising Your Balcony Space in Dubai

Maximising Your Balcony Space in Dubai

Dubai, the city known for its modern architecture and luxurious lifestyle, often sees residents enjoying the high-rise living. This is all well and good, but many people miss out on having an outdoor space - or so they think. 


In truth, many of Dubai’s condos and apartments have generously sized balconies. In most cases, these have the potential to be very comfortable spaces and more used than they are, but it takes some clever design.


Choosing the Right Furniture 

The search for the perfect outdoor furniture for a Dubai balcony requires a thoughtful approach, and taking measurements into consideration. Of course, this doesn’t need to be furniture specifically for balconies; outdoor furniture will do. 


When looking into garden chairs, for example, it’s important to consider how they fit into the space, but also choosing a material that compliments its surroundings. Acrylic fabric is ideal for the hot weather of Dubai, along with wood and wool. Metals, on the other hand, can conduct too much heat to handle.


Space-saving design

Measurements of the balcony should be gathered, with a rough idea of what can fit on it. An outdoor furniture set can be good for continuity, but just make sure to opt for one with either multi-functionality, or at the very least, an ability to be easily pieced together; so, chairs that fit under the table. Modular design here is ideal, such as a long sofa that can be rearranged or the end piece taken off to be used as a table.


Innovative Plant Solutions

Integrating greenery can elevate your Dubai balcony into a lush oasis, bridging the gap between urban living and the natural world. Sometimes the desert spaces outdoors can lack greenery, so it’s important to bring a little life to your own outdoor area. 


The selection and arrangement of plants are important, considering the unique climate of Dubai. Opt for native or drought-resistant plants that thrive in high temperatures and require minimal water, like succulents, bougainvillea, or date palms. Vertical gardens are a stylish and space-efficient way to add foliage without sacrificing floor space. They also act as a natural air filter, bringing a slice of tranquillity to your high-rise space.


You could consider a mix of potted plants of varying heights to create a layered look, complementing the outdoor furniture and adding depth to the space. Employing self-watering planters can provide convenience too, ensuring plants receive the hydration they need with minimal oversight.


Generally, a couple of pieces of outdoor furniture with some plants is all you need. However, you go the extra mile, consider some flooring options like artificial grass or a weatherproof mat. This can tie the area together, making it feel your own and bridging the gap between inside and outdoors.



Even in a bustling metropolis like Dubai, every square meter of your urban apartment matters. A balcony space is a chance to expand your living area and get some fresh air. It could be a serene space; a way to be in the outdoors but without the traffic or public. But, to make the most of it, you will need to consider the measurements carefully, along with the right furniture set and collection of plants.