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How to Shop for a Dining Set in Dubai – A Complete Homeowner’s Guide

Photo by furkanfdemir from Pexels

How to Shop for a Dining Set in Dubai – A Complete Homeowner’s Guide

Of all the rooms in the house, people consider the kitchen and dining areas among the most important. Not only do these serve as places for preparing and consuming food but they are also where families commune or enjoy conversations together.

Many homeowners also entertain guests in the dining area, not to mention it is often where people bond over food and fond memories.

Whether you’re planning to redesign your dining space or have just had your home built from scratch, you’ll need to shop for the best furniture in the UAE to complement it. This article aims to help with the task by offering five of the best tips on how to shop for the perfect dining set.

1. Take measurements
Many people fall in love with furniture and buy them at first sight only to realize that they don’t fit the allotted area. This is often because they didn’t take any measurements before going shopping for furniture.

To save yourself from the wasted effort, money, and time, you need to establish a workable space for your dining table and the chairs that go with it.

Below are some tips when taking dining set measurements to ensure comfortable use and ease of movement in the area:

Allocate space for the furniture
When shopping for furniture, you need to put first things first: your dining set must fit the dining room.

Measure the area where you plan to set the table and chairs. Get the maximum length and width available, as these will be the basis for your table specification boundaries when shopping for furniture in Dubai.

Think about how the furniture would look in the space. Don’t worry; you can make the measurements more precise as you go along.

Leave room for movement
Next, you’ll need to subtract 80 to 100 centimeters from each dimension of the room. This way, you can avoid having not enough room for movement that can make the dining space unwelcoming.

Make sure you leave around 90 centimeters of free space on all sides of the table (unless you’re planning to leave one side against the wall). If you have a small house, you can choose a convertible design that can become a console or coffee table with simple adjustments.

Think about the people who will use the furniture
When deciding on the size of a dining table, always consider the people who will be using it.

How many people will dine there every day? Use the number of people eating at the same time daily when determining the base size of the table. This will also define how many chairs should come in your dining set.

Do you entertain guests often? If so, you might want something bigger than your household’s basic needs. For example, if you’re a family of four, it’s best to go with a six-seater set.

2.Consider the material
Another important consideration for your dining set is the material it is made from. Although there are many choices, the following are some of the most common options you might want to consider for their price, style, and ease of care:

Modern kitchens and dining areas benefit from metal tables because they work well with most contemporary interior designs. They also look great in professional kitchens filled with chrome-plated surfaces.

Metal tables aren’t as homey as wood or plastic, but they do well in steam-punk style dining themes. Some tables combine metal with glass to achieve an elegant look.

Wood is the classic choice for dining tables, especially materials that are sturdy and solid. Aside from standing the test of time, natural wood furniture also makes any space look homier and classier.

However, kitchen and dining furniture are constantly subjected to high temperatures and moisture. This could compromise the integrity of a natural material like wood unless, of course, it has been treated and fortified to withstand such conditions.

The biggest selling point of plastic dining sets is their low cost and ease of maintenance. As a highly flexible material, plastic can be used in just about any design and color of tables and chairs. It is also highly resistant to moisture, a feature that can be pretty useful in the dining and kitchen space.

However, this material is quite weak against high temperatures. If exposed to heat, it can warp and take on an ugly charred hue.

3.Think about the table shape
Besides complementing the interior design, the dining table shape also affects how much room is left for movement around the furniture.

On top of that, some shapes work better for certain lifestyles than others.

For example, oval or round dining tables have a social vibe and are excellent for maximizing the available space in tiny apartments and small dining areas.

On the other hand, square tables have a spacious and open feel, making them the best choice for breaking up long and narrow rooms.

Meanwhile, rectangular tables are a classic and the most popular choice as they are the easiest to fit in most rooms and can serve bigger groups of people.

4.Know your lifestyle
Before finalizing your decision to buy a dining set in Dubai, you need to answer these questions first:

How do you plan to use your dining table?
Will you be entertaining guests, or will you stick to intimate family mealtimes?
How many persons will the table cater to typically?
How many people will serve as hosts to your dinners?
After you answer these questions, you can proceed with determining the type of dining table to buy and remember that:

Rectangular tables have limited seating on their two short sides, which potentially has just enough room for one person.
Circular or oval tables accommodate more chairs around them. They are also great to have when you have more dinner guests than expected.

5.Set your budget
When buying a dining set, you must also set your budget. Once you’ve identified all the other factors – material, craftsmanship, and seating capacity, the next step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on furniture.

If your resources are limited, assess your selection criteria to determine the priority features. This way, you’ll be able to stay objective in choosing a set that meets most of your requirements without blowing through your savings.

Make Smart Furniture Shopping Decisions
Smart shopping applies to dining and kitchen furniture as much as it does to fashion. Use this article as a guide to make sure you don’t regret your purchase decision.