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How to be a self-organizing effective remote team

How to be a self-organizing effective remote team

How to be a self-organizing effective remote team

Running a remote business has many advantages — and when you need to meet your team in person, you can rent a coworking space or an event space. The owner of a remote business can hire the best global talents regardless of their geographical location. The company can benefit from the diversity of its staffers. People can save time and effort because they do not need to relocate to another country and commute to work every day. However, sometimes it might be tricky to organize an efficient workflow in a remote team. Here are ten meaningful aspects that you should pay primary attention to.

10 Prerequisites for Efficient Remote Teamwork

Being a business owner, you should focus from the onset on the following factors:

  • Hierarchy. Each member of the team should clearly realize their sphere of responsibility. They should understand who they need to send reports to, ask questions and negotiate working conditions.
  • Control. At least once per week, each staffer needs to compile a report, mentioning all their tasks, challenges and achievements during the past seven days.
  • Work progress. Choose an online service that allows users to create tasks and track their step-by-step progress. All tasks that each staffer undertakes must be added to this service and all your team members should have access to them.
  • Unified forms and templates. You will use them for reports, analytics, hiring new specialists and so on. It is important that all the team members use the same document templates.
  • Automatization. Automate as many processes as possible. This will increase the efficiency of your work and minimize the risk of errors.
  • Shipping. Build a culture of shipping and aim to deliver a new product every week, even if it is a small one.
  • Rewards. You can choose the most productive worker each month and reward them with a prize. The aim of the rewards system is to motivate people and create emotional bonds between them and the company.
  • Communication. Establish a primary communication channel and a few additional ones. Make a habit of checking the primary one every hour.
  • Organize group calls or video conferences. This will allow those staffers who rarely interact with each other to get to know the whole team better. There should always be a meaningful reason for such conferences — for instance, you start working with a new important client or switch to a new control system.
  • Fix all the agreements in written form. After each conversation, send its digest to all of its participants.

Depending on how far away from each other you live, you can organize offline events for your team once or twice per year. Try to offer your staffers something special, such as a quest game, a team-building session with an invited coach or a party where everyone receives a customized gift. For this, you will need to rent a cozy office space.

Advantages of Renting an Office Space in Dubai with The Place

The Place specialists have vast experience in their field and know the demands of the international audience very well. They will offer you a beautiful and fully equipped event space that precisely corresponds to modern industry standards. There, you will find stylish furniture, business-grade Wi-Fi, air conditioning and an outstanding level of comfort. The views from the window are stunning and the interior of the room will look equally amazing both in real life and in the photos that your employees will take there.

If a part of your team is permanently based in Dubai, you can rent a place in a coworking space. Like this, some of you will be able to see each other face to face every day. When you make video calls, your interlocutors will be glad to see the elegant design of your working corner. When your colleagues from other cities come to visit you, you can rent a conference room in the coworking space and make good use of other amenities of the premises.

Feel free to contact The Place managers right now to ask questions and discuss your requirements. You can be sure that the prices will always be kept at a competitive level and all your staffers will be impressed by the space you rent.