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A guide to your vacation in Bahrain

Image Resource: unsplash.com

A guide to your vacation in Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular tourist destination for many passionate travelers, who want to know about the Arabian culture from some prime tourist attractions of this country. The picturesque scenic beauty and the scope of enjoying various thrilling water sports are other reasons that draw tourists to Bahrain from other countries.

Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, comprising an archipelago of many natural and artificial islands. It is situated between Qatar and Saudi Arabia while Iran is also its neighbor on the northern side. Most of the islands of the Kingdom of Bahrain are in the desert region while the capital city Manama is located in a densely populated region. 

About Bahrain

The name ‘Bahrain’ means ‘two seas’ in the Arabian language. Manama is not only the capital of this country; it is also the main port city located on the northeastern side of Bahrain. This land was under the reign of the ancient Dilmun dynasty and later ruled by Arab Khalifas. The extensive coastline of Bahrain has encouraged the growth of marine trade and water sports. Unlike other Arab countries, Bahrain does not have oil reserves and its main income is from the tourism industry, and refining crude petroleum products imported from neighboring lands.

Image Resource: unsplash.com 
Image Resource: unsplash.com

How to travel to Bahrain by air?

Several airlines are actively operational in Bahrain, due to the high demand for air tickets to this country. Gulf Air is the official flag carrier of Bahrain that carries passengers to 55 destinations in 28 countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, people can also find flights run by Air India, Turkish Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, and Sun Express, to reach Bahrain. All these airlines have Economy Class and Business Class or First Class, providing air tickets in all budgets.


Summer is very hot and arid in Bahrain due to the influence of the adjoining desert region, with the temperature reaching up to 46° C during the months of May to July. Dust storms frequently occur in June and July. Scanty rainfall is experienced during the winter months when the temperature is comparatively lower than the rest of the year, creating mild weather during this time.  

Best time to visit

Therefore, the winter months from December to March comprise the peak tourist season for visiting Bahrain. The pleasant weather at this time helps tourists in enjoying sightseeing and other outdoor activities comfortably. 

Tourist places

Manama is the capital city of Bahrain and it is the main tourist destination of this country, due to its many attractions. Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain World Trade Center, Al-Qudaibiya Palace, Bab Al Bahrain, and National Theatre of Bahrain are some of the major tourist attractions of this city. Adhari Park is a popular amusement park built around the natural freshwater spring Ain Adhari. Al Jasra is a beautiful coastal village close to King Fahd Causeway that connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. Hawar Islands in the southernmost part of Bahrain is a perfect spot for watching birds and varieties of wildlife.       

Image Resource: unsplash.com 
Image Resource: unsplash.com

Al Areen Wildlife Park in Sakhir is a natural reserve forest, as well as a zoo in a protected area. Amwaj Islands off the coast of Bahrain is an archipelago famous for beautiful beaches, private jetties, lagoons, and enclaves in Tala Island. Riffa Fort, Arad Fort, Bu Maher Fort, Khalid Al Khajah Fort, Dilmun Burial Mounds, and Siyadi House in Muharraq City are other major attractions of Bahrain that tourists cannot miss while visiting this country. Tree of Life is 400 years old and located on a hill among the desert, which is the highest point of Bahrain. 

Religion and Language

Bahrain is an officially Islamic country, for which more than 70% of its population are Muslims. However, there are also Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jewish people in this country. Most of the Muslims here belong to Shia Islam, which is one of the largest sects of this religion. Though Christianity is a minority religion in Bahrain, it comprises over 14% of the total population and Hindus comprise around 10% of the population here. 

Arabic is used as the official language in Bahrain. However, Bahraini Arabic is the spoken language widely used by the local population residing in this country. Most people are also quite fluent in English, which is an advantage for foreign tourists. Balochi, Persian, and Urdu are other languages used by local people all over Bahrain. 

Shopping and eating

Bahrain houses plenty of shopping sites to satisfy the shopping spree of tourists. Seef Mall on Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway is the foremost shopping mall in Bahrain, housing 370 stores, the largest cinema multiplex, 55 eateries, and a theme park. Dragon Mall is very close to Bahrain International Airport and it is Bahrain’s largest shopping mall with 787 units, from where high-quality electronics, sports accessories, and fashion items can be bought. Bahrain Mall in Manama is popular for the best quality perfumes, cosmetics, fashion accessories, books, and stationery items. Marina Mall, Avenues Mall, Oasis Mall, Dina Mall, Bahrain City Center, and Moda Mall are some prominent shopping sites in Manama, where all kinds of branded items are available. Manama Souq in north Manama is the old marketplace where people can buy essential materials at cheap rates.

Most of these shopping malls have multiple popular restaurants where people can taste different types of cuisines. Pastarito in Bahrain City Center is famous for pizzas, pasta, risottos, and other Italian delicacies. Kosebasi is another restaurant in the same shopping mall, known for meat kebabs, flatbreads, and fresh salads. Tortilla is a Mexican restaurant in this place, popular for burritos and tacos. Shake Shack, Vapiano, and P.F. Chang’s are other renowned restaurants where tourists can enjoy delicious cuisines in Bahrain. People can find tasty foods at cheap rates in Haji Gahwa, Honey’s, Banana Leaf, Fouaal Ranoosh, Swagat Restaurant, and Naseef in Manama. Navaratna Restaurant in Riffa, Tabreez Restaurant in South Sehla, Take Away in Seef, and Saravana Bhavan in Salmaniya are other popular budget restaurants in Bahrain. 

Therefore, Bahrain is a great tourist destination where lots of people visit every year to spend memorable vacations with their families.