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A Guide to Shipping Luxury Cars By Air Cargo Charter

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A Guide to Shipping Luxury Cars By Air Cargo Charter

One of the best and biggest investments you can make is getting a luxury car.

A luxury car is always worth the splurge since you will own a ride that provides exceptional performance on the road, plush interiors, and cutting-edge technology. All of these make your short and long drives comfortable, smooth, reliable, and safe.

Moreover, a top-of-the-line vehicle is the perfect eye-candy, which won’t fail to capture attention and impress people.

For these reasons, letting go of your luxury car when you move to another country is usually not an option.

Different Ways of Shipping Luxury Vehicles
When you have to relocate overseas and you need to ship your luxury car, you can consider three options:

By road
If you can reach your destination by road, you can get behind the wheel or have another driver drive your vehicle. Another option is to hire a road carrier for the same purpose.

Sea freight
Sea freight companies specialize in loading and consolidating automobiles in containers. They provide domestic or international door-to-door, port-to-port, or door-to-port services. These service providers can handle all the intricacies of customs.

Cargo air charter
For far-off places, an air charter is an excellent option. Private aircrafts providing heavy transport services represent the most efficient and fastest method for transporting your high-value car.

Advantages of Shipping By Cargo Air Charter
Shipping your beloved luxury vehicle by air charter is a wise decision since it offers the following benefits:

1.Faster shipping
If you want your vehicle to be transported as quickly as possible, an air cargo charter is your best option.

With this option, you can have your luxury car shipped any day and time since you are chartering a private jet. Companies that offer this service have several aircraft that you can hire on the particular date you want your vehicle to arrive at its destination.

When compared with sea freight and road transportation, air cargo charter is also the fastest shipping solution.

2.Variety of destinations
Providers of air charter services enjoy the privilege of flying nearly anywhere in the world.

These companies have an extensive network of destinations worldwide. This means that you can send your vehicle to any place on the globe.

This is a huge benefit to consider if you are relocating to a country that does not get frequent flights or is not easily accessible by road or sea.

3.Ability to add other cargo
Since you are chartering a private jet, you can ship other items with your high-value car. You can add other objects that you also want to move to your destination.

These can include your appliances, valuable art pieces, and other belongings that are too fragile and bulky that you don’t want damaged when transported by truck or ship freight.

If you want to keep them safe and intact while in transit, you will do well to include them in your air cargo charter.

You can even include temperature-sensitive items in your cargo since private jets have the ideal amenities for such goods.

However, keep in mind that the weight and other special requirements of your cargo will affect the total shipping cost. If you are on a budget, choose the items you want to include in the shipment carefully.  

4.No warehousing requirement
Items shipped through chartered planes usually do not need to undergo stringent customs clearance.

Customs clearance, cargo inspection, and cargo handlers involved in air freight are more efficient. Because of this, your car does not have to sit in a warehouse for several days or even weeks.

Your luxury vehicle and other cargo can then be cleared within a matter of hours.

5.Safe shipping option
Transporting a luxury car by a private jet is one of the safest shipping solutions around. There is minimal handling and even switching of cargoes when it is done by air cargo charter.

This is because private jet shipments are destination-direct; there are usually no layovers. This means that your high-value car is never sitting on a truck overnight or waiting to be unloaded from a ship for several days. Both scenarios could put your vehicle at risk for accidents and, in some instances, even theft.

Due to this advantage, shipping a luxury vehicle by air charter is one of the biggest reasons why people choose this option.

Tips for Choosing the Best Air Cargo Charter Service Provider
If you are shipping your luxury car by air charter for the first time, here are some tips for finding a reliable and efficient service provider:

1.Look for a company with a proven track record.
Finding an air cargo charter service provider you can entrust your luxury car with is the first thing you have to do when you opt for this shipping solution.

Go online to look for companies that offer this service. You can also ask people you know who have shipped their luxury vehicles if they recommend the provider they worked with.

Make sure you also read reviews about these companies to ensure they provide the best quality of service.

If you want to read online reviews, try Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

However, have an open mind and learn how to distinguish helpful reviews from vindictive ones.

2.Choose a company with efficient logistics and customer service teams.
Ship your luxury vehicle with an air cargo charter company that has a reliable logistics and customer service team locally and in your destination.

Find out what types of services you should expect before and after the flight. The company should have specialists that will provide assistance on the ground locally and in the car’s destination to ensure that there will be no problems in all aspects of the air cargo charter.

Also, look into the background of the account managers. They should have extensive training and practical experience so that they know exactly what to do in order to organize an air cargo charter shipment from start to finish.

3.Start your search as early as possible.
Finally, you can save some money when you ship your high-value vehicle by private jet charter if you begin looking for a service provider as soon as you have plans of relocating abroad.

Start by looking for companies with several aircraft. This way, you can choose one that is not too big or too small for your vehicle, with a cost that fits your budget.

By beginning your search early, you will be able to shop around for the perfect aircraft, service, and price.

An air cargo charter is the most recommended method for shipping high-value vehicles. If you want to give your prized vehicle the best protection when transporting it, opt for this solution.