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Fun and Festive Things to do in Dubai


Fun and Festive Things to do in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is amongst the few countries of the world with diverse ethnic populations. Despite being a predominantly muslim state, the UAE takes pride in accommodating people from all walks of life. Credited to the diversity of the country, it hosts several different cultural festivals as well. 

If you plan on spending your vacations in the UAE, you and your family could become a part of this enthralling experience. These mesmerizing events in  the UAE are often  scheduled around different festivals, such as Christmas, Eid, and Holi. You can book a ticket anytime by checking out the best offers for event booking in the UAE

So if you are planning a trip to Dubai we will share some festive events that you can enjoy here. 

Ski Dubai

The Emirates are well known because of their summers. However if you are seeking a routine change, head to Ski Dubai. Famous for its simulated experience, the tour will be one of its kind. Ski Dubai is the middle east's first indoor ski resort, where you can enjoy the winters during any season.  You can take part in numerous exciting activities, such as snowboarding, snow bumpers, chairlift, and snow bullet, in which you zoom down a slope in a custom-built ride. The best way to go to Ski Dubai is through an Event Platform for affordability or reliability. 

Wild Wadi

Beat the heat of the hot middle eastern weather by cooling in waterslides at the Wild Wadi. This water park is themed around an ancient Arabic folk character, Juha. 

You can enjoy your leisure time in more than 30 different rides and attractions that they have to offer. This one is also the best destination for newly wed or couples. 

Dubai Mall

The world-famous Dubai Mall is an ideal location for visitors as it has a lot to offer. The shopping experience at Dubai Mall is unmatched, as one can shop from hundreds of international and local brands. 

No matter what the season is, the Dubai Mall has everything. You can experience underwater aquatic life at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. 

You can skate at the Olympic-sized ice rink to get a feel for winter. You can attend wonderful shows at the Dubai Opera or take a gander at the beauty of Dubai from the Sky Views Observatory; there is something for everyone. 

Ferrari World Dubai

The F1 season never ends, so Formula one fans can visit the Ferrari World as an appetizer or an alternative to the annual race in Abu Dhabi. This sports car-based amusement park is for people of all ages. 

It has thrilling rides, exhibits that showcase Ferrari's history, and the latest models of the red speedster for display. You can go to Ferrari World Dubai with your BFFs to create memories that will last forever. 


What is better than a cruise on a vacation? You can go on a romantic and memorable cruise in the Dubai Marina.  These cruises offer different things, depending on the season; in winter, the décor will be warm and comfy, with food suitable to the weather. In the summers, you will be provided fresh and cold soft drinks, with food to match the mood. 

Global Village

Now you can tour the world in one day at the global village in Dubai. This village is unlike any other as it has a combined culture of more than ninety countries. 

You can learn about these countries by checking out the marketplace, which has food, activities, and traditional items. If you are a Bon Vivent there is nothing better than a global village. 

Desert Safari

Regardless of the season, the desserts of the UAE remain warm during the day and cold at night. So, you can have fun during both times, as in the day, you can take on the desert dunes on a quad Bike, a 4x4, or a dune buggy. 

At night, you get to enjoy the cool night breeze near the fire and delicious food, and soothing Arabic music. For the Adrenaline Rush, this place is ideal for youngsters. 

Scuba Diving

Experience real aquatic life by going deep into the sea by scuba diving from Jumeirah beach, Dubai. With a professional's help, you can explore life underwater and snap some great pictures. If you have never seen aquatic life underwater you are missing a lot of fun and your life.  Beaches

You can visit hundreds of beaches in the UAE with your friends and family. It is ideal for visiting in winter as the weather is relatively moderate in the summer in the UAE. 

The best spot to spend your beach day is Jumeirah beach in Dubai. This site is located near many different aqua lands, eateries, resorts, and parks, making it the perfect place to relax. 

Film Festivals

One of the year's most glamorous events is the Dubai Film Festival, which happens in winter. Celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood are on the red carpet for the premiere of their upcoming projects. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in which you can get a chance to meet your favorite actor or watch a certain movie at its premiere. With film festivals you even have a chance to click a selfie with your favorite actor or actress. 


Dubai is the hub of all social activities in the UAE, therefore making it the ideal place for you to spend your vacations. It has everything you can dream of and more. Dubai is taking the lead in becoming the place that has the most adorable attractions for visitors or tourists.  To accommodate yourself nicely it is always a good idea to visit the UAE with a reliable platform. If you plan on enjoying such festivities, be sure to plan ahead by booking your tickets.