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Four Air Travel Comfort Tips to Keep You Going

Air Travel

Four Air Travel Comfort Tips to Keep You Going

Traveling by air is the fastest way. It used to be extremely comfortable, until it became increasingly commercialized and changed from a luxurious travel method to the most efficient way to get from point A to point B. It’s not economical to always sit in business or first class, but that doesn’t mean you should be doomed to an uncomfortable trip in the meantime.

Use these four tips to improve your comfort significantly and to keep you going whether you travel for business, for pleasure, or to visit friends and family.

Drive and Park

Always, always work out the cost difference of taking a taxi to the airport vs. bringing your own vehicle and parking it. For those who live rurally, taxi costs can become astronomical and public transportation options can be non-existent. In comparison, the cost of parking for the week can be budget friendly, not to mention allowing you to travel to and from the airport in comfort. Just remember to use ParkOn.com to reserve a spot in advance and to ensure you are getting the lowest rate for your stay. This applies to when you want to drop someone off at the airport as well as parking your vehicle for the duration of your stay.

Gain Access to the VIP Lounges

Some airports have completely revamped themselves and the general concourse areas in front of the gates are truly luxurious, even for those flying economy. They are big, bright, and beautiful, with plenty of amenities and activities while you wait for your flight. Older airports, however, are still lacking in many ways. If the airports you are flying from offer less-than-stellar waiting areas, then see if you can buy a day pass for the VIP lounge, or start to collect points if you fly frequently in order to gain ongoing access.

Dress Appropriately

What you wear will make a huge difference to your comfort levels. Try to wear moisture-wicking underlayers. These work to keep you dry, and in turn, comfortable from the airport to the air. Comfortable shoes and layers to take on and off are also key in order to improve your overall experience.

Limiting what you bring on the plane with you can also increase your comfort. Only bring what is essential for the flight if possible. This could include gadgets, a sleep mask, and a neck support pillow.

Stay Hydrated in the Air

Dehydration is a common problem for those flying. It’s a combination of simply not drinking as much as you should (particularly on longer flights) as well as the filtered air and air pressure changes. This can make us break out in sweats as well, further dehydrating our bodies. You need to ensure you drink enough on your flight to stay comfortable. Bring face cleanser and moisturizer with you to freshen up as well, as you will feel infinitely better by the time you reach your destination.

Flying should be comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you jet off once a year on vacation, or once a week for work. These tips will help everyone enjoy their experience more, by tackling the most difficult physical complaints that travelers experience when flying.