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COVID-19: Everything about the ALHOSN UAE app.

COVID-19: Everything about the ALHOSN UAE app.

COVID-19: Everything about the ALHOSN UAE app.

Dubai: One of the most effective tools in the battle against COVID-19 in the UAE is the AlHOSN UAE Application, released jointly by the Ministry of Wellness and Prevention, the Abu Dhabi Wellness Authority and the Dubai Health And Wellness Authority on April 24, 2020.

The app, named after a fort in Abu Dhabi, can be downloaded on Android and also IOS gadgets and also is free of cost. It is the official application for COVID-19 tests in the UAE.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, official spokeswoman of the health sector in the UAE, has stressed on the importance of more individuals registering to the free app.

“The success of AlHOSN UAE application depends mainly on number of users, hence, the objectives of the application will not be achieved at the required level unless 50 to 70 per cent of the country’s population download the application and use it effectively,” she said

How do you use the application?

Introducing AlHOSN UAE. the wellness ministry has explained how the simple app incorporates the benefits of Stay at Home and Trace COVID, two other apps previously launched by the Department of Health.

People can go to the app store, install the app absolutely free and register using their Emirates ID and mobile number. A unique code will be sent to the individual's mobile for verification, soon after that it will ask the user to turn on the Bluetooth setting. 

The app, run by artificial intelligence and other technological systems then creates an one-of-a-kind QR code for the user. It not just gives awareness and education on COVID-19 and  topics such as health, hygiene and social distancing guidelines, it additionally permits the user to benefit from health services. This consists of receiving COVID-19 test results on their phones.

Why should everybody sign up for this app?

As per the explanation offered by the MOHAP during the launch, the app relies on using short-term Bluetooth signals, to show whether an individual is in close proximity to individuals who have had contact with clients infected with the COVID-19. This is possible if they also have the exact same application on their phones as the phones trade the metadata stored in them. The app is likewise encrypted and also the data continues to be just on the individual's phone. Through this data, the skilled health and wellness authorities can promptly recognise individuals in jeopardy of transmission to ensure that they can interact with them and retest them again.

As it gets a broader subscriber data base, it will be able to provide warnings to users approaching a COVID-19 hotspot and also can play a vital preventive duty.

Steering clear of hotspots

The app clearly asks the user to report test results and in case it is positive, it can help tremendously in contact tracing as all registered users’ data is available and it facilitates the app into issuing an alert if a user has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient.

When utilised thoroughly by a majority of individuals, it can help in determining a COVID-19 hotspot as those users will certainly appear with notification alert.

It can assist one to avoid hotspots and in case of a single person testing positive, it can help with call tracing. All the signed up users of the application who may have interacted with the infected individual would certainly be required to self-isolate as well snd get themselves tested. Early discovery and seclusion play an essential role in the control of community transmission.