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Chirocare: The Best Thing To Do to Fully Recover From Injury

Chirocare: The Best Thing To Do to Fully Recover From Injury

Chirocare: The Best Thing To Do to Fully Recover From Injury

According to recent NHTSA statistics, close to three million people are injured in vehicle accidents every year. That means more than 7,500 are injured in accidents every day. Many of those injuries involve the victim's neck or back. In some cases, those injuries are relatively minor and will resolve themselves with time. But, many other injuries require treatment for the victim to see any reduction in pain and improved mobility. 

Obtain Medical Care Immediately After an Accident
Healthcare experts always recommend obtaining medical care as soon as possible following an accident. Being examined at the nearest ER is the first step, but many accident victims also benefit from seeing a chiropractor. Getting chiropractic care after an injury is recommended, as even seemingly minor injuries may result in long-term health issues that impact a person's quality of life. The sooner an accident victim starts chiropractic treatment, the more likely they are to experience a full recovery.

Another reason to seek treatment quickly is that many insurance companies tend to decline treatment coverage if too much time elapses before treatment is sought. The idea is that the injury may not have occurred as a result of the accident. If you've been injured, take the time now to contact a local chiropractor for treatment advice.

What Types of Injuries Typically Require Chiropractic Care?
After an accident, victims often suffer a number of painful symptoms. Recovery will depend on the victim obtaining appropriate care quickly, so consider contacting a chiropractor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms.

  1. Neck Pain - This type of pain is frequently experienced after vehicle accidents. The pain can be excruciating unless appropriate care is received.
  2. Back Pain - Again, back pain is common following an auto accident but may also be experienced in other situations. Prompt care shortens the recovery period.
  3. Shoulder Pain - Shoulder injuries are debilitating and prevent victims from completing normal activities. Chiropractic care is appropriate for many of these injuries.
  4. Joint and Muscle Pain - Again, these types of injuries are common accident injuries. Proper therapy protocols reduce pain, restore strength, and improve range of motion.

The first step to recovery is determining the extent of an injury and establishing a treatment plan. If you're unsure about the nature or severity of your injuries, now is the time to see a medical expert for advice. Remember, beginning treatment now is crucial for a full recovery. 

What are the Risks if Treatment is Delayed?
Many people feel fine following an accident but start feeling pain within a few hours. Rather than seeking care, some accident victims will take a wait-and-see approach to determine if they'll feel better in a day or two. Sometimes they wait for several days or even weeks to seek help. That's never a good idea. There are risks associated with waiting to see a chiropractor following an accident.

The risks include:

  • A need to use strong medications for pain relief for a longer period of time. 
  • Complications that result in long-term health issues that dramatically impact your quality of life.
  • A reduction in the degree of recovery. In other words, waiting may mean your range of motion will be permanently reduced.

Of course, other physical and psychological issues may also develop when care is delayed. Rather than risk avoidable complications, contact a chiropractor for help immediately following an accident. Obtaining care now is the best thing you can do to enhance your chances of a full recovery.