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5 ways to spend your time in the Dubai Frame


5 ways to spend your time in the Dubai Frame

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and the most amazing indoor experiences any place can offer. With so many amazing landmarks, there is one that is like nothing you have ever seen. Since its opening in 2018, the Dubai Frame has become one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. Made out of 2000 tonnes of steel, architects around the world marvel at the two 150-meter-high towers that are connected with a 93-meter-long glass bridge. 

Also known as “the biggest picture frame on the planet”, this architectural landmark has been blowing people’s minds. The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel park, where you can take one of the most iconic pictures with one of the most iconic picture frames. And with all the colorful lights, the beauty of the Dubai Frame in the evening is unmatched. 

But it is not just an empty tower, there is so much to do within the frame that you would want to keep coming back to this magnificent monument. Buy Dubai Frame tickets and you can travel through time from Dubai’s fascinating past to its glorious future. If you are still wondering, here are five ways you can spend your time in the Dubai Frame.

5 ways to spend your time in the Dubai Frame

 Walk across the transparent sky bridge Perhaps the most famous part of the Dubai Frame is its 93-meter-long glass bridge. Built with pressure sensitive liquid crystal technology, the opaque glass turns transparent as soon as someone steps on it.  The ones who are brave enough to walk through this beautiful walkway, get to experience a thrill like no other. Since the bridge becomes completely see-through when you step on it, you get to watch the world below your feet from a height that makes your heart skip a beat.  Overlooking the city, you get the most amazing views from the glass bridge.

Breakfast with a breath-taking view The Dubai Frame recently launched an eccentric breakfast experience with the theme ‘45 minutes of Gold’. Every Friday and Saturday, from 6am to 8am, a unique breakfast adventure is offered at the observation area of the sky bridge, where you get to enjoy your first meal of the day with a panoramic view of old and new Dubai. Enjoy the sunrise from a 150-meter height, while you indulge in the delicious breakfast and take stunning selfies that would need no filter. Book tickets for this wonderful experience and start your day the right way.   Explore the past in Old Dubai Gallery The Old Dubai Gallery starts from the Mezzanine floor, where the Old City is brought back to life, multimedia exhibitions and 3D projections. You get to explore the past of the city and witness its rise from a small village to one of the most famous metropolitan cities in the world.  The advanced technology used in the Old Dubai Gallery teleports you back to the beginning, before the city became modern. The whiff of history will make your elevator ride to the top even more mesmerizing, as you see how far this city has come. 

Learn about the present Dubai Having recently learned the history of the city, you get a panoramic view of downtown Dubai as you reach the sky deck, which ranges from the northern city of Old Dubai to the southern city of New Dubai.  A 3D simulation of Dubai’s landmarks and skyscrapers is possible thanks to activated screens, which allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the city. You get to explore Dubai’s economy and infrastructure in 3D as well, along with its unique landmarks and skyscrapers. Before you step into the future, take a moment to appreciate the present, on top of the Dubai Frame.

Travel to the Future of Dubai On the other side of the mezzanine level, the ‘Future Dubai Gallery’ would end your journey in the most unexpected way. The vortex tunnel would teleport you to the future of Dubai. Experience what the city would look like in 2050, traveling through decades, with the help of audio-visual exhibits and interactive displays.  Several aspects of the city’s future are shown in a spectacularly dramatic way, and you get a glimpse of how the city plans to revitalize itself. Leaving you with excitement and wonder, this is the perfect way to end your visit to the Dubai Frame.