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5 Reasons Your Group Should Be Traveling by Stretch Limo on Your Trip to Dubai


5 Reasons Your Group Should Be Traveling by Stretch Limo on Your Trip to Dubai

If you and your friends have an amazing trip to Dubai to look forward to, you’re in for a treat. 

There are good reasons Dubai is popular for hen and buck parties, destination weddings, big birthday and anniversary gatherings, and all other celebrations. Dubai is a fantastic destination for groups that want plenty of sights to see together, lots of fun activities, beautiful beaches to lounge on and a buzzing nightlife to enjoy. 

Once you’ve got the hotel and flight booking finalized for your group, it’s time to come up with an itinerary. 

Something that can be problematic for group travel is how to get around once you’ve arrived at your destination. It usually involves splitting into smaller groups for taxis or using public transport. Thankfully, group travel isn’t an issue in Dubai. 

Here, stretch limousines are a plentiful, easy-to-find and affordable solution to group travel. The bonus is that stretch limos also add an element of luxury and style to getting about that can’t be found amongst your alternative options. 

Read on to find out why you need to rent a limousine in Dubai. 

1.    Save money

First, it might not be obvious that a car associated with decadence and the finer things in life can help you save money. 

However, if you are traveling in a large group, a stretch limousine can be more cost effective. 

Paying for the exclusive hire of a stretch limo can work out better value than multiple taxis or Ubers, especially if you intend to make two, three or more journeys in one day. A stretch limo for your party may even work out at a better price than public transport. 

There’s no limit on distance you’ll go once you’ve paid the hire fee. This means that you can stretch your plans without needing to stretch your budget. 

Why not add an extra destination without adding extra travel costs? You could even add a few more friends or guests up to the maximum for the vehicle you intend to hire. 

Limousine costs in Dubai vary depending on the exact vehicle you choose and the company you use for rental. Do a little research on potential hidden extras as well as what you get included in the hire price. Don’t pay for more space than you need if your budget is tight. 

2.    Get flexible

Stretch limousine hire is fully flexible. You can hire it for exactly the time you need it. That could be as little as an hour or as long as a month or more. 

Once you have it, you can go as far as you wish within the UAE so you can be as impulsive as you like. A limo is perfect if you haven’t quite finalized your plans yet or if you like to live in the moment and not plan too far ahead of time. Having a stretch limo at your disposal means your group can go where you like, when you like. 

Hiring a limousine also eliminates the stress of committing to a timetabled mode of travel. 

Last minute change of plans? Friends running late? Want to stay out a little longer? 

No problem. 

As long as you return the vehicle by the agreed time and date in your contract, you can use it flexibly while it’s yours. 

3.    Travel in comfort

Stretch limos provide levels of comfort you’re unlikely to find in many other types of vehicles. 

Here are some of the facilities you can often enjoy in a limousine:

●    Premium leather seats and a raised roof ●    A beautifully designed aesthetic interior ●    A variety of lighting settings, often including a disco, laser or strobe function ●    A great audio system with input for your devices ●    A well-stocked bar and iceboxes ●    Multiple flat-screen televisions with DVD function and other input ●    Tinted windows and privacy screens ●    Intercommunication system

In addition to the above comforts, you can enjoy the expertise of an experienced professional driver. They are going to be a very able driver, trained with your comfort and safety in mind. They will also have undergone customer service and ethical code-of-conduct training so that you can feel well-protected and looked after. 

You can see that the amenities in a stretch limo can take your day or night out up a notch and turn it into something extra special. The vehicle will have a real party atmosphere, day and night. Hiring a limousine will elevate your trip, giving it a luxurious spin you’ll remember forever. 

4.    Arrive in style

Whether you are attending a wedding, gala, party, or even a business meeting, stretch limos are going to give a great impression at any event. They are definitely a vehicle that’ll get you noticed.

Stretch limos come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick something to suit the occasion. You could opt for a sleek black Cadillac with a presidential vibe. If you’re in town for business, this would be ideal for setting the right tone for a business meeting and clinching the deal.

If you’re in town for a celebration, you could go max out with the ultimate oversized limousine. You could even go for a wild-night-out theme with a pink limo. These limos guarantee a great time and will make sure your group stands out from the crowd. 

5.    Get around Dubai in style

In a city where even the police drive supercars and Ubers are premium vehicles, luxury cars are more commonplace than almost anywhere in the world. 

Higher-than-average tax-free incomes, access to safe and very well-maintained roads, and low fuel prices influence people’s taste for great cars in Dubai. All these things also make driving a luxury vehicle on Dubai’s roads a genuine pleasure. 

If you hire a stretch limo for your trip to Dubai, you can also enjoy this pleasure. 

Immerse yourself in the true Dubai lifestyle with an affordable and accessible stretch limo. 

Stop looking for other options and add booking a limousine to your to-do list right away.