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5 Reasons Why Businesses In UAE Should Do Social Media

5 Reasons Why Businesses In UAE Should Do Social Media

5 Reasons Why Businesses In UAE Should Do Social Media

Meta: UAE is the new industrial hub. Despite UAE businesses profiting from their traditional marketing methods, implementing social media marketing strategies will significantly boost their ROIs.


You must be wondering why businesses are so hung on social media marketing. Well, social media is the only place where you can get more than 3 billion audiences at any given time. If your business is customer-centric, then what can be more appealing than these massive numbers.

According to a certain social media agency, more than 80% of social media users follow at least a business or brand on social media. If you cannot make good use of this opportunity, your competitor will have the upper hand in the market.

Incorporating social media into your company’s marketing strategy will help you know the buyer’s journey. This will help you understand more about your consumers. This becomes more important if you have a business in UAE.

UAE is a competitive market. Every company is looking for different methods to top other rivals. Social media marketing is one of the tools that can help you do so.

Why Should Businesses In UAE Do Social Media?
Social media help brands and businesses streamline their online presence. This helps businesses to build trust among their consumers. In fact, with the help of social media, you can have real-time conversations with your consumers, which add value to your brand.

Let’s find out how important social media marketing is for UAE businesses and brands.

1. Boost Brand Image
If you are an existing brand, it is important that you know what audiences think of your brand and how they perceive your products. Here, you can use social media to churn out all the negative talks about your brand by actively engaging with your audiences.

If someone tries to spread bad rumors about your brand, try uploading the true story and share with your audiences to see what is wrong and right. This will make your audiences believe that their perceptiveness matters to you.

2. Boost Brand Awareness
More than 90% of UAE people have direct access to the internet. Social media plays a convenient role for the brands to reach out to their prospect easily.

In recent studies, it has been seen that more than 60% of people have accepted that they get to know about the new brands on social media. This means that new users are interested to know more about new brands and try them out.

3. Brand Humanization
Humanizing your brand is all about letting your audiences know how you value them. More than 69% of the UAE people are adults and have good purchasing power. And they always look for real-world proof before making a purchase.

With their social media marketing, you connect with your audiences. This helps the Brand to create a meaningful experience with your prospective clients.

4. Increase Website Traffic
Once you have engine audiences on social media, you can start redirecting them to your websites, where you can talk about your brand in more detail. You can share Vlogs and Blogs to further educate your audiences regarding your brand.

Furthermore, social media backlinks add value to your website domain. This value directly affects your Search Engine Rankings.

Also, being consistent with your social media posts and keeping your audience engine with your brand maintains the steady flow of traffic to your website.

5. Customers Services & After Sales Support
Customer services are the bottom line of any sales cycle. Once the product is sold off to customers, it is the customer services responsible for giving them the best after-sale experiences.

Even after the sales are made, it is important that you keep your engagement with the audiences and convince them to initiate the net sale cycle. This is where social media helps brands and businesses to maintain their healthy relationship with the brands and audiences.

Take Away
There is much more to social media marketing than what we have mentioned in the article. The things you can see in the articles are just the tip of the iceberg. As you go deeper with social media marketing, you will unveil new practices that can help your business and brand grow and reach a wide audiences’ bandwidth.